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Bruschetta Style Tomato Turkey Salad

Bruschetta Style Tomato Turkey Salad

Serves:1 or 2

CarbsPerServing:approx 8 (w/o subtracting fibre)

Prep Time:10 minutes



1 cup ground turkey 1 cup mixed lettuce

1 tomato 4 or 5 kalamata olives

salt pepper 1 or 2 T olive oil

1 tsp crushed garlic 1 tsp basil paste (or a few leaves of finely chopped fresh basil)

How to Prepare:

Dice the tomato and place in a small bowl. Add chopped olives, olive

oil, garlic, basil, and salt and pepper to taste.

Brown the turkey mince in a saucepan. Add the tomato mix to the

turkey and mix together.

Serve over a bed of mixed lettuce.

Have fun.